Burial and Cremation

Burial of a dearly departed loved one still remains the most widely chosen option in Ireland.  However more and more people are choosing Cremation. There are a number of factors that may influence your decision. What were the departed person’s wishes, is a family plot available, if not, budget considerations may have to be taken into account.

Many people believe that cremation costs a lot less that burial, it is true that the cost difference between cremation and opening an existing grave in minimal, however if a grave has to be purchased, then the cost difference between  cremation and burial can be substantial.
There are three crematoria in Dublin, Glasnevin, Mount Jerome and Newlands Cross.
For burial purposes, there are many options all over Dublin; Fingal, Glasnevin, Dardstown, Palmerstown, Newlands Cross, Mount Jerome and many more.

Call Jennings Funeral Director for complete guidance on cost and availability at the various cemeteries and crematoriums.